Wellness Sessions
Heaven Rigdon


Soul Touch Therapy

60 Minutes $90

This therapy is focused on letting the Holy Spirit of God, clean the soul to promote deep healing, inner peace, and whole body wellness. Heaven assists with purifying and uplifting the soul by releasing soul wounds and replacing the wounds with the Holy Spirit to Heal. Soul wounds come from negative thought patterns, feelings, and emotions that are too much for the brain and/or heart to process. Soul wounds can also be inherited from our ancestors and passed on from generation to generation.  
Heaven uses her gift of seeing soul wounds and blockages to help bring balance and harmony to the mind, body and soul thus allowing more light consciousness to circulate through the body. Her greatest hope is to bring people back to the core of who they were created to be, to unlock the hearts true desires and to bring alignment with health and spiritual gifts. Proverbs 13:12 says that hope deferred makes the heart sick, but desire fulfilled is a tree of life. Removing Soul wounds will reveal the desires God placed in our hearts, leading to a life with more joy, peace and love.


Light Work

60 minutes, $90

Light Work is a gentle and effective healing therapy that focuses on divine guidance from God to remove blockages from the energy field to allow healing and balance.

Heaven believes that God created our bodies to heal themselves, and by quieting the mind and listening to the body we can increase our awareness of what needs to be released and healed. Heaven allows the Spirit of God to guide her through each session to balance the body's energy centers, energy field and energy lines, bringing balance between the left and right sides of the body and mind, and increasing communication between the heart, mind and body. John 1:9, says that there is an inherent light within all, Heavens hope is to increase this light for better overall health and awareness of who we were created to be. When we live from the authentic core of our Soul we allow peace, joy and love to emanate from that core and it changes the way we see and live life!  

This Divine Healing therapy is very peaceful and allows the body and mind to slow down for a time of healing and restoration.