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Spirit Guided


Bodywork, Certified Prenatal Massage, 
Soul Touch Therapy

Wellness for the Body & Soul

Located  inside The Healing Collective

1354 East Kingsley, Suite A

Springfield, MO 65804




Heaven Rigdon, LMT

Owner & Licensed Massage Therapist, 
Certified Sound Healer,
Soul Touch Therapy Practitioner, 
Certified Prenatal/Postpartum Massage.

As a natural healer, Heaven is deeply entuned and focused on each client she has the honor of performing Bodywork and Sacred Healing on. Heaven believes bodywork should put you into a meditative state to ease the body into a state of healing.  She focuses on the Body-Soul Connection to allow healing at the deepest level. By being fully present and grounded in the moment she is able to activate her gifts of intuition, empathy and spiritual sight to provide assistance in healing. She also clears her therapy room of any lingering energy or released emotions, thoughts or pain by calling on the Spirit of God to clear and fill the room with his presence to ensure the healing room is kept holy. Her massage therapy journey started when she was a little girl, seeking to help her family relax and be pain free. She has been studying meditation and energy medicine from the age of 14 and has always had an interest in Holy and Sacred ways of being and healing. She has been professionally licensed in massage therapy since 2014 where she attended massage therapy school in San Bernardino, CA. She continues to grow and learn in different healing arts modalities. 

Being entuned & focused on each client, helps Heaven to release trapped emotions, thoughts, and physical pain and discomfort from the Body & Soul. Heaven loves performing sessions that uplift the Body & Soul & increase the flow of our inherent light within.


Wellness Package

Wellness Massage & Soul Touch Therapy Combination

Experience the combination of Wellness Massage with Soul Touch Therapy for a Soul-Body connection. Perfect for people who want the Sacred Healing aspect of Soul Touch Therapy and the wellness aspect Massage! We will spend about an hour with the wellness massage and 30 minutes on Soul Touch Therapy. 

This therapy is focused on letting the Holy Spirit, purify the energy field and body to promote deep healing, inner peace, and whole body wellness. Because of the goodness of God, Heaven believes that our Souls cannot be harmed, they are kept safe to help guide us through life and lead us to everlasting joy, peace and love. Soul wounds are held in the energetic field around the body to keep the soul unharmed while allowing the wounds to manifest in our reality for learning, growth and healing.  Heaven assists with uplifting the soul by releasing soul wounds held by the energetic field and replacing the wounds with pure light from the holy spirit to heal. Soul wounds come from negative thought patterns, feelings, and emotions that are too much for the brain and/or heart to process. Soul wounds can also be inherited in our energetic field from our ancestors and passed from generation to generation.  

Heaven uses her gift of seeing soul wounds and energetic blockages to help bring balance and harmony to the mind, body and soul thus allowing more light consciousness to circulate through the body. Her greatest hope is to bring people back to the core of who they were created to be, to unlock the hearts true desires and to bring alignment with health and spiritual gifts. Proverbs 13:12 says that hope deferred makes the heart sick, but desire fulfilled is a tree of life. Removing and healing Soul wounds held in the energetic field will reveal the desires God placed in our hearts, leading to a life with more joy, peace and love.

Wellness Package may include:

  • Soul wound exchange

  • Prayer/Invitation of the Holy Spirit

  • Relaxed/Meditative state of being

  • Muscle and tension release

  • Release of pain/discomfort

  • Shadow work

  • Inner Child work

  • Energy Medicine

  • Vibrational Tuning

  • Energy Center Clearing

  • Light work

  • Singing bowl & tuning fork attunement

  • Strengthening Spiritual Connection

Massage Oils

Massage Enhancements

Add to the benefits of your Wellness Massage Session with one of our massage enhancements!

Organic Foot Scrub

Herbal Pain Relief

Vacuum Cupping

Cold Stone Facial Massage

Guided Meditation